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Pet Store in Springfield MA

Pet Health Series

Meet a PetSmart® Pet Food Coach every Saturday during March & April at our Pet wellness Series! Take home COMPLIMENTARY types of expert-recommended & natural products PLUS discount coupons and giveaways. *At participating PetSmart stores. While materials last.

Healthy Treats

Explore our selection of quick element, high-quality and low-calorie goodies to find the perfect complement your furry friend. Take home FREE samples plus coupons and giveaways. *At participating PetSmart shops. While products final.

Solutions for Digestive & Body Sensitivities

Know more about our health system that includes specialized formulas to greatly help treat a number of dog illnesses. Collect FREE examples plus coupons and giveaways. *At participating PetSmart® stores. While materials last.

Food for Breed Size and Lifestage

Talk with our PetSmart® Pet Food Coach that will help you choose the best type or age certain meals for your dog to help them thrive each of their life! Plus get hold of coupons and giveaways. *At participating PetSmart stores. While materials final.

Leash Hiking Seminar

Find out tools, recommendations, and tips to greatly help your dog stroll correctly on a leash. Talk with a certified PetSmart Trainer to understand utilizing mild commander and Easy Walk, solutions to help stop your puppy from pulling, and tricks for handling excitability while walking. Puppies not necessary to go to.

Mealtime Enhancements

Learn from our PetSmart® Pet Food Coach simple tips to add variety to your pet’s dinner with damp, moves, mixers and toppers. Take home FREE samples plus coupons and giveaways. *At participating PetSmart shops. While supplies final.

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