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Friday morning Springfield Police are still searching for dozens of guns that were stolen from Letz Hunt and Sport.

Two more people have been arrested in connection to the weekend robbery.

18-year-old Chatham resident Louis LaSalle and a juvenile were arrested Wednesday night.

Both are accused of stealing 50 firearms from the store.

There have now been four arrests made after the robbery, but only one of the guns has been recovered.

Police are now interviewing suspects to find them.

Lt. Chris Mueller from the Springfield Police Department, comments about their progress thus far.

“Detectives still rounding up people on leads and following up on any tips that come in, and we do encourage as always people to give us a call with the information.” said Mueller. “Detectives are following up on the case. It's an important one to us, and hopefully we can get it resolved."

Jimmie Burrage and another juvenile were arrested Monday for their alleged involvement in the robbery.

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