Photo of Cracker Barrel Old

Cracker Barrel old Country Store Springfield oh

105 W Leffel Ln
Springfield, OH 45506
(937) 325-8221

The food is excellent and the service is great. Our food was to us in less than 5 minutes. Being able to shop in the store is so much fun. Actually bought 2 items of clothing for my granddaughter.

As always on a Sunday, this restaurant was packed! Our hostess was greeted us, and we were seated within 10 minutes. Fantastic service from JJ (John). We felt welcomed and well-served here. Good was quick & good quality. I got their special: boneless fried chicken, mashed potatoes w/gravy, broccoli, and buttermilk biscuit. Husband got three pancakes w/butter, bacon, eggs. Blackberry tea was okay (I don't like syrup). Restaurant and bathrooms clean and maintained. Would definitely recommend this restaurant.

It is what it is, and that's fine. We don't normally decide to eat here, as it's sort of "off the beaten trail" here in Springfield, but it's close to home, and a perfect spot to meet traveling friends/family as it's right off the interstate and near hotels. I'm always tempted to get "fancy" at these "home style/good old fashioned country cooking" type places, and maybe that's where the problem lies... ME, not the place itself!! Keep it simple, order "favorites, " ESPECIALLY breakfast, and (I guess) you really can't go wrong. I ordered one of their recent specials, salmon patties, and they were not bad at all, along with a side salad and mac and cheese. No wows, no complaints... Good service, in and out pretty quickly (not even much of a wait, which meant no extra $$$ spent in the "do I really need this?!?" country store!!) If you're in the mood for some "no frills" country cooking, and want to take a break from "Mr. Evans" and/or the same tired, old fast food choices, you could do a lot worse than Cracker Barrel...

First time in my life where I ate Cracker Barrel for breakfast (in another city) and (at this) one for dinner. Wish I would had invested in this company since they always serve a great meal and provide equally great service.

Great breakfast and good service. My wife had the pumpkin spice pancakes and loved it. Perfect for the fall season.

My friend and I came here to eat great food we were not disappointed, service was excellent, always hard to decide what to eat here, but I chose breakfast, two eggs, pancakes, biscuits and gravy, potatoes, grits, coffee, I forgot how much food there was on this particular breakfast, so I shared with my friend. I'm truly sorry for all those who write bad reviews, their idea of food is hog slop from McDonald's. This is good old fashioned comfort food, done well.

A pretty typical Cracker Barrel: good food, reasonable prices, nothing outstanding but it's dependable. This location is a bit out of the way; watch for the tiny sign to turn in by the hotel. Service was pretty good. I had the mango chicken (I think that was it, with apple chutney or some such.) It was an average chicken breast, with very good chutney. Not very big, and I was hungry after we finished. Sweetie had french toast and bacon; I sampled both and they were good. The gift shop is fun even if you don't buy anything, and gives you something to do while you wait. The candy and pop always draw me in, of course, while Sweetie goes for the cutesie things.

JUST AWFUL. Service was good. Meatloaf tasted like dog food, corn bread was salty and not sweet at all. Broccoli was tasteless and unappealing. Salad was just iceberg lettuce. Ambiance was ok. Basically fast food quality.

This was the slowest service I've ever received at a Cracker Barrel. I understand the 20 minute for a table, but over 40 minutes for food. It will make me think twice before returning

Worst experience I've ever had with Cracker Barrel won't be back besides service being slow and unfriendly took second waitress bring me my tea and when waitress set plate in front of me cut into my steak was running with blood all over my plate outside of steak was with color and inside was pink not med well what's so ever.

This place is good w great staff but EXTREMELY difficult to find. It's right near The Hampton Inn. I'm not from here so cannot offer more help.

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