Dollar King - Discount Store

Dollar Store Springfield VA

13653 Lee Jackson Memorial Hwy
Chantilly, VA 20151

(703) 263-1036

I was in and out with a mission. The register had a long line but the managers were initiative and helped out on the floor so that associates are not dragged and pressured to do everything while managers just say there in the office. I really appreciated the wonderful customer service from the manager and the staff while I obtained few birthday balloons! Thank you for exceeding expectations.

I mean first's a Dollar Tree-not some high end store. I only knocked off one star because there was only one line open. But with that said, this location is awesome! It's much bigger than the other locations I've been to and had more of a variety of products. Some things that I noticed and enjoyed were: the teachers aisle had lots of cool stuff (I ended up buying a chore chart for my stepson), limited edition Fabuloso (smells great!), cuticle clippers (very sharp!), a very large frozen and refrigerated food section (I don't buy their food, but for someone who does, there's a big selection), tons of sandwich and smack bags (random, but useful), nice "spa" lotions, bath fizzies, soaps, gels, sprays, etc., and their party supplies section is massive. For this time of year (April), there's a ton of cool luau products from leis, to grass skirts (which I've never seen in any other Dollar Tree), cool table confetti, tiki torches.literally everything you'll need for a fun luau party! We were visiting friends and this store is about an hour from where we live, but I will definitely come back when we visit again!

It's a dollar store one in which truly everything in the store is $1. Some items are even multiple for a buck! This location is one of the larger locations. Tons of great finds and new seasonal items stocked often. Cleaner than you'd expect and well stocked all the time. Staff is friendly. I just wish they were open later. Nonetheless love this place.

Cashiers lie about return policy and the male manager is a complete Jerk when it comes to customer service. If you're expecting nice people you've come to the wrong place.

It's a Dollar Store, not a Neiman's, Saks, or Bloomingdales. This place is for people on a budget or people just wanting to feel like they're rich and can buy up the whole store! So leave your high expectations at the door! They have some really cool purchases here including a 1.00 pregnancy test, 1.00 at home marijuana test, seasonal decorations, basically it's like a target or Walmart only everything is only 1.00! What's not to love ?!?!?!?! Come check our your local dollar tree and find some awesome purchases and walk out knowing you saved tons of money!

The customer service here is no where to be found, theres usually 1 or 2 people working at cashier but about 40 people in line and the attitudes of employees are horrible. The surprising there is they are usually organized and everything is really a $1. Most dollar stores have items that are more than a $1 but most things that I've seen and bought are a $1. They have everything here from candles to shampoo. I like to come here especially for school supplies and for decorations for events because they have the same stuff you can find at party city. I come in and out in about 10 minutes, nothing special here.

I honestly don't think this store is run by any management team. The cashiers and workers have the worst attitude. It's true what they say, "Good Help Is Hard To Find." While the Dollar Tree in Chantilly may have cheap candy and seasonings (the only things I care about), you will have to walk down every aisle to find what you are really looking for. For instance, why is the sewing kit at the cashier register? Don't get caught up in the prices, while the vast majority of the items are only one dollar, you will find that some items aren't worth a dollar. And even though I may have complaints about this store, that doesn't mean that I have any plans of boycotting. I guess I am a glutton for punishment...

Nice convenient place to get a couple of quick items. Pretty much anything that you need you can probably find there. Remember, it's only a dollar. So, sometimes you get what you pay for. If I need anything that has to be a named brand, then I would go somewhere else. For generic items, this is the place! Sometimes the line may get long, but from my experience they try to open another line when it gets backed up. Quick and cheap.this is the place to go!

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