Royal Pawn - 20 Photos & 15

Pawn Shop Springfield VA

6116 Franconia Rd
Ste A
Alexandria, VA 22310

(703) 924-9800

We cannot say sufficient good things about my experience at Royal Pawn, take all your preconceived notions about Pawn Shops away. The information, help and perseverance demonstrated to clients is outstanding- They surely act as team because respect. Rates for diamonds can not be beat. Makes you consider simply how much we've overpaid consistently. The store reminds united states of a mix of classic store/consignment store. Eclectic is a great word for their variety in stock. We are going back!

Awful! Two dishonest younger men without ways or understanding of customer care. Thank you for trying to rip myself off. Not merely did you not see or point out my one gold chain becoming 18kt rather than 14kt. In addition did not have correct knowledge of the worth of a Rolex. Maybe since you two dummies cannot afford one? I happened to be offered triple the total amount from another nearby store, by individuals who in fact took enough time to research the worth for the view. They even were those who explained my one gold-chain wasn't 14kt but instead 18kt. Not merely had been they truthful and knowledgeable, but also FRIENDLY and knew simple tips to SMILE. We believed like I became in a funeral home walking to your store! Losers.

These guys are great! Very friendly staff, who will be constantly helpful and just take their particular time assisting customers. Great selection of precious jewelry and I also enjoy stopping by weekly to see just what is new. It helps that everyone there was down-to-earth, reasonable, and honest. They really do have a little bit of everything indeed there! Get examine them out-I am sure you will discover something you just need.

I have been an individual of theirs for a couple many years today and I can't say enough nutrients about all of them. I purchased an Xbox360 and Xbox One, several guitars and many other bits and pieces and I also always get a great deal. Ric, Logan, Nick, Alex and John (guitar expert) are typical very polite and certainly will work hard with you locate you what you're finding. If you have difficulty, they are going to make it right. So far as attempting to sell, We have just offered one big-ticket item in their mind I not any longer required and got a very reasonable cost plus it was no hassle after all. Agree on a price, show license, sign a questionnaire and they hand you your hard earned money. As with any pawn stores they do short term installment loans also on items. Anyhow, I've always been treated very well by all of them and I recommend all of them. Lastly, they usually have dedicated parking places appropriate out front side of these home. Discover a Wells Fargo, and 7-11 a few storefronts down. Convenient location, only watch out for the kids entering the dance studio next door.

Great destination to go if you need to get great precious jewelry.. costs are top. Obtained an excellent collection of bands and earrings for woman. The property owner Ric and his males are particularly friendly and personable. Come always check all of them on, very convenient area and a lot of parkings right in front. I would personally highly recommend to all

I've offered them 5 performers on 3 successive reviews. This time, i recently wanted a necklace for my 18k silver and sterling silver cross. It absolutely was sitting available for 2 yrs and I held forgetting to go consider chains because of it. Logan, one of the best associates indeed there; alongside Rick and Alex-spent 45minutes going right on through their less expensive stores like I was buying a Rolex. He discovered precisely what i needed at exactly the cost i desired to pay for. They actually have actually buckets of stores available... and so I knew these people were the only real destination i'd try using my precious jewelry. Thanks a lot once more dudes! Chris Skalski

I love going in right here for precious jewelry. Got an excellent Gucci watch for a lot less than the things I need to have paid for. They have been knowledgeable and honest.

VERY DISAPPOINTED. We took my mom into Royal Pawn today to get a appraisel on her wedding ring. This woman is getting divorced and exploring diffrent options for her wedding ring. We took the woman to Royal Pawn because i've done a few deals with them and believed them to tell the truth. Upon appraisel they shared with her they are able to just offer her 275 for her wedding ring, musical organization and anniversary band. They clamied the absolute most they might sell it for was 1000 dollars and additionally they would get as low as 500 for purchase. We would not do business with all of them but instead took it to a jewelry shop in which we discovered the true price is 4000 dollars. I realize that no pawn store could pay even half the retail worth and then make cash but a 275 optimum provide on a ring they would of offered for ATLEAST 2000 bucks is down appropriate ridiculous and criminal. I shall never be using the services of them once more. I encourage other customers to have here jewelry appraised by a real jeweler prior to taking any such thing truth be told there. This could give u the possibility but probably not with Royal Pawn.

Great merchandise, reasonable prices, Terrible service. had to wait fifteen minutes for you to definitely help me.

Amazing! Great household! Shop right here first and you will not only conserve money, you will definitely go out having made brand-new friends! They broke the mold with this specific crew! Not just did they earn my business but as entrepreneurs they OBTAINED my respect! THANKS AGAIN!

Polite and very helpful staff. Emerged in, told all of them what I was looking for, helped me personally discover stuff and provided me with a good price.

Quick turnaround; they state the Navy band concern was remedied rapidly. Wise decision. Thank-you for acting quickly plus in ideal interest associated with band owner.

extremely disappointed. they appraised my 2500 tailor made ring for only a mere $100. what a sick joke.

Thank-you for solving the USNA band issue therefore immediately. I appreciate your professionalism.

We have had a number of deal with Royal Pawn and also this is as good whilst get this option tend to be outstanding to cope with they give you a reasonable price on all buy and stay behind whatever they sell. I had to come back one product, (a compute monitor - given that it had a unique connection) and took it straight back no dilemmas. Outstanding deals and extremely nice individuals deal with, highly recommend.

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