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Old Virginia Candle Company online Store

The Old Virginia Candle Company offers beautiful aromatic candles and reed diffusers in a wide variety of delightful scents.

Old Virginia Candles had its beginnings in a Lynchburg, Virginia, garage in 1990. The company grew to become one of the leading candle developers, manufacturers and marketers in the United States with a factory and retail outlet store in Forest, Virginia.

Although throughout the years the company's product lines changed to keep up with the latest in home styles and trends, their candles have always been of the highest quality. Several of the most significant recent changes made by Old Virginia Candles include:

  • Changing the name to The Virginia Candle Company
  • Using the name WoodWick candles on their products
  • Adding a line of reed diffusers

Virginia Candle Company Products

Made of premiums fragrances and natural wax blends, all WoodWick candles have wicks made of natural organic wood. Generally, candles with wooden wicks:

  • Provide a soothing crackling sound of wood burning in a fireplace
  • Burn cleaner
  • Have a clean smell

Types of Candles

Virginia Candle manufacturers WoodWick candles in several styles and sizes including:

  • Large 22 ounce jar candles with a burning time of 180 hours (includes a wood lid)
  • Medium 10 ounce jar candles with a burning time of 100 hours (includes a wood lid)
  • Small 3.4 ounce small jar candles with a burning time of 40 hours (includes a wood lid)
  • Petite 1.7 ounce jar candles with a burning time of 20 hours
  • The Metro Collection, a collection of nine candle fragrances, is inspired by Metropolitan Living. Each candle is held in a beautiful metallic glass candle holder and packaged in a lovely gift box complete with vintage details. The fragrances of the Metro Collection are perfume inspired.
  • The Trilogy Collection is an exquisite collection of candles each with a gorgeous blend of colors and scents. As the candle layer melts into the next layer, a new scent is created.
  • Dancing Glass candles are a collection of seasonal fragrances. Each candle container is made of beautifully colored frosted glass with metallic designs. Depending on the fragrance, candle sizes include 22 ounce, 10 ounce and 3.4 ounces.
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