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Piercing Shop in Virginia Beach

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searchin for crystals.

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we heard it was a really cool shop...lookin to replenish my collection and increase my knowledge and use of the Stone People.

a good idea to incorporate tatooing and body piercing...



+ great collection of treasures, special features, talented musicians

Business description

Curiosities Rock Shop can be found at Atlantic Ave 1400. The next emerges: Tattoos & Piercings. The entry is present around since Sep 9, 2010 and ended up being last updated on Nov 14, 2013. In Virginia Beach you will find 7 various other Tattoos & Piercings. A summary can be obtained right here.

Curiosities Rock store ended up being started in 1992, and is situated at 1400 Atlantic Ave Ste 215 in Virginia seashore. It uses 1 staff members and it is generating roughly $95, 000.00 in yearly revenue.

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