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1721 E Seminole St
Springfield, MO 65804
(417) 887-3804

Went in today after hearing great things about the place, expected it to be a little dreary due to it sitting in the middle of the parking lot but I was happily mistaken. The gentleman who took my order, who I found out was the owner after looking at the newspaper clippings on the wall, had fantastic customer service skills. I'm glad to see that politeness and kindness aren't forgotten arts. I ordered a large pastrami sub combo and I was not disappointed. The price was right at around $8.25 and the sandwich itself was delicious. Fantastic homemade sandwiches for prices that are right. I will definitely be back, heck, I may even go back tomorrow! A place like this with great customer service and great food is definitely worth my time and my business.

This building is very small and can get crowded quickly, but the subs surely make up for it. We came when it was getting a little busier, so we stood in line for a bit. We didn't mind waiting at all, but it did get stuffy and shoulder to shoulder inside. I ordered The Veggie sub, which was delicious! It had cashews in it, which gave it a nice twist. The bread tasted incredibly fresh and soft. I really enjoyed my sub and we will definitely be back soon.

Something about these simple sandwiches is always perfect. They're priced right, always super fresh, bread is soft and so good, and Ethan is quick to get you in and out fast. I'm a fan of the club, but the veggie sandwich is awesome too. I've eaten here dozens of times and I'm never disappointed!

I absolutely love this place for a quick bite. Something about the bread they use for their subs just keep me coming back for more. I usually always order the same thing which is the BOSS and I always add the special sub sauce to it with extra mayo and you just cannot go wrong with this combination. They also have a spicy sub sauce as well which is equally tasty.

Finally tried this place after hearing about it from friends and was not disappointed. First of all, the prices are great. You get chips and a drink with a large sandwich for less than just a sandwich would cost at Jimmy John's. The bread is homemade and the staff is extremely friendly. Supposedly the guy's brother runs the one downtown on McDaniel, so I'm sure that one is good as well. Will definitely be back!

Best sandwich in town. Limited hours and sometimes during lunch hour there could be a line out the door. The bread is homemade and delicious. My favorite is the turkey veggie and they put cashews on it with their delicious sub sauce which is a homemade Italian-like. During the summer they have fresh herbs that you can add and you won't be disappointed. The staff is wonderful. Love the sub shop

Cash only! No seating inside! Just one picnic table outside. Fast and friendly service! I've heard that if you order here 4 times, the guy that works here will remember your sandwich. Sandwiches are fresh, simple and tasty. My friend and I split a large sandwich today. We were very satisfied. The Skinny Pilot: Turkey, Pepperoni, White American Cheese, mild peppers, lettuce, and sub sauce ( a tarte italian dressing) on white or wheat bread

this is springfields little gem of a subshop. they taste amazing, some of the better subs ive had in this town. order any sub but instead of any normal condiment get the sub sauce on top. its perfection

I just went home for a quick trip and stopped in. Ethan, the owner, still remembered me. It's been a LONG time since I've been there. I mean...long enough that he should definitely not remember me. THAT says something. This place is really really special. In a way that I cannot possibly verbalize appropriately.

The subs are always freshly made and on the freshest bread ever! Add in the fact that the owner remembers me even though my visits are widely spaced (sometimes like a year!) makes the fact that people line up outside and around the building to get these delicious subs completely understandable.

This place is the best! Definitely get the veggie, which has just the right amount of sauce so it's flavorful but not soggy. Plus, they put cashews on- mmm! If you go more than once they will remember your name and ask about your kids. Seriously the best in town!!!

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