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Pawn Shops Richmond Virginia

Friedman’s loan-office Inc. owner John Goodman is intending to close the pawn store at 118 E. wide St. in Richmond at the end of the month.

“Business is merely peaceful. I’m maybe not making hardly any money, ” stated Goodman, having worked at the search for 41 many years. His father, Stuart Goodman, just who passed away in 1991, possessed the shop before him.

“There are just insufficient folks arriving right here to pay the expenses.”

He stated whenever a CVS pharmacy store various doorways down closed-in 1999, pedestrian traffic on the block began to drop-off. The drugstore carried groceries as well as other things.

Friedman’s dates on 1930s, said Goodman, just who researched the ownership record when his father died.

“The earliest company license i really could find for the store ended up being 1933. It was a Ben and maximum Friedman” indexed as proprietors, he stated.

About ten years later on, the business was sold to two brothers — family relations of this Goodmans. Whenever one of many brothers relocated out of town in the early 1960s, the rest of the sibling brought Stuart Goodman to the business as a junior companion, John Goodman stated.

Stuart Goodman annexed the company entirely in 1968 whenever his business companion passed away.

“I’ve been here regular since 1975, in your free time considering that the summertime of 1969, ” his boy said.

He has got combined thoughts about finishing. “I’ll change 62 in December. Therefore I think of it from that perspective of failing to have the pressures of company, having a little more leisure time.”

He said he made their last loans to customers on July 20. Those financial loans come because of Nov. 20 or clients forfeit the items they put-up for collateral.

He's offering the building and land, evaluated at $278, 000, and it has a customer arranged — Douglas Development Corp. of Washington, D.C., with bought various other properties on road.

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